• Super Friendly

    Great community, friendly staff. Why go anywhere else?

  • Great Buildings

    The only limit is your imagination, because here, anything is possible!

  • Great Challenges Await!

    Do you want adventure? Go out into the world and look for places beyond your wildest dreams!

  • LeTroll City

    Cosmopolitan center of the world of Tellaria.

  • If you need help...

    A professional staff member is always within reach.

  • Bug-Free Gameplay

    Experience unparalleled levels of stability with totally-bug-free code.

  • PvP Events

    For those who want to look like porcupines.

  • A Strong Economy

    Spend your wealth on whatever you could possibly need!

Welcome To Legion Of Dreams

Minecraft 1.12.2 server Hostname: Legionofdreams.org

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/y3mGyDr

Our Mission

Our server’s mission is to look for mature, community-minded people who want an engaging role-playing gaming experience. Players of all ages are welcome. This server aims to provide players with a community that cares for each other and treats everyone with respect and is looking to have great fun through building and going on adventures.

Stay tuned to our social media for the latest news!

What We Offer

We offer a variety of gameplay styles to cater to many different players. Our main survival world lets you build your own city, get rich trading, assemble teams for the glory of the kill, and more! Our Nether and End worlds offer more than a hint of danger for intrepid adventurers. Our creative world offers an environment for those who simply love nothing but building.

The server is run on dedicated hosting by a professional adult staff, with privately-developed code for in-game features. We provide many resources to players, such as: a real time map, twitter page, Facebook page and Steam group with much more coming in the future. We are not only a server, but a virtual family of friends.

Do you love adventuring?

Do you love to explore lush jungles, arid deserts, wind-swept plains, and frozen tundras? Or maybe you enjoy facing down hordes of deadly mobs while trying to earn the honor of surviving? Meeting foes in arena-style combat as arrows fly and swords and axes clash? Or perhaps you long to unleash your creative side, building massive structures, complicated redstone devices, or highly-detailed pixelart?

server: legionofdreams.org
How to Connect