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About Us

Where did we come from?

McJellyGooby, JulianSierra, and gsterv started the server on Oct. 14 2011. The server began as a small group of friends until we went public in Spring 2012. The project went on hiatus in mid-2014, and has been brought up in March 2017. Since then, we have slowly expanded to our great community today.

Special Features:

  • Professional Experienced Staff!
  • 99% Uptime!
  • Flexible Economy!
  • High Speed Connection!
  • Great Plugins and Security!
  • WorldGuard for your protection!

Players can...

  • Level up in a variety of mcMMO skills!
  • Trade with other players!
  • Build giant creations!
  • Use portals to travel to distant lands!
  • Participate in Admin-run events for fun!
  • Use Community Forums!

Player Ranks:

How to Connect