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This skill provides useful bonuses as your Archery level progresses. Throwing a potion that hits a mob will not increase Archery. Starting from level 50 Archery, you will deal more damage, kinda is enough to kill hostile mobs faster.

Passive Skills

Arrow Retrieval

Chance to recover arrows from an enemy killed by the archer. Gains 0.1% per level up to 50% at skill level 500.


Forces your opponents to look straight up for a short duration, this becomes very distracting in PvP for the victim since it disrupts their attacks.

Bonus Damage

Your archery damage increase 10% every 50 archery levels, to a maximum of 100% bonus archery damage.

Archery Level Bonus Damage
50 10%
100 20%
150 30%
200 40%
250 50%
300 60%
350 70%
400 80%
450 90%
500 100%

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