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Content adapted from description by plugin developer Phaed

Main Menu

The main menu can be accessed by using the /clan command and will show the player only the commands he has access to at any given time.

  • Untrusted members of clans have basic commands
  • Trusted members of clans have advanced commands
  • Leaders of clans have clan administration commands
  • Unverified clans have a restricted command list
  • Verified clans have an unrestricted command list
  • Leaders of verified clans have all clan functionality

Clan Alliances and Rivalries

Any clan leader can send a request to start an alliance with any other clan with /clan ally add. If the request is accepted by a leader of the second clan, the alliance is formed. The alliance can be broken by any leader of either clan at any time with /clan ally remove, no one needs to accept the removal of an alliance.

Clan rivalries can be started by any clan at any time, no request is needed, rivalries are automatically formed once a clan leader decides he wants one by using /clan rival add. If someone has pissed you off and you want them as rivals, their permission is not needed. To break a clan rivalry on the other hand, you need the acceptance of the other clan, you must use /clan rival remove to send the other clan a request, once one of their leaders accept the rivalry is broken.

You can view a list of all clans and their allies with the /clan alliances command, or their rivals with the /clan rivalries command.

Kill/Death Ratio

Once a player is part of a verified clan, all his kills will start to be recorded. Deaths by other player's are also recorded. All kills are not equal. Killing a member of a rival clan, of a neutral clan, and a civilian not attached to any clan all carry different weights. Rival: 1.5, Neutral: 1, Civilian: 0.5 (configurable). The weights can also carry negative values, for example if you want to discourage killing civilians, you may want to set the civilian weight to -1 to lower the KDR with every civilian kill.

Each player has a Kill/Death Ratio. A score that is calculated and attributed to them. This is the ratio between your kills and your Deaths (your weighted kills divided by your deaths). This is the metric that shows a player's skill level.

For example, If your weighted kills are 1000 points but you died twice as much, say 2000 times, then your KDR will be low (.5), far lower than a player who only killed 20 players but died only 1 time (KDR of 20). This is THE metric that determines how good of a PvPer you are. The higher the KDR the more worth you are to your clan. A noob that has been playing for a few months can amass a huge amount of kills and claim to be good at pvp, but his low ass Kill/Death ratio wont lie.

Kills and Deaths will be recoded since you first step onto the server, even if you're not on a clan. Once you join a clan you will start out with a KDR that will reflect all your kills (civilian only) and deaths since the first time you joined.

Friendly Fire

Players in the same clan and players in allied clans have friendly fire protection from each other, they won't be able to hurt each other. Leaders of clans can turn this on and off with the /clan clanff command, you can either allow or block friendly fire. Each player can also turn off his own friendly fire protection at any time using the /clan ff command, he will be able to allow friendly fire or to set it to auto, which is whatever the clanff is. He will not be able to block friendly fire if his clan has allowed it, but he will be able to allow it if his clan has blocked it.

Clan Types

There are two types of clans: verified and unverified clans. When a player first creates a clan it will be of type unverified. These clans have a reduced feature set, no coords, vitals, stats, etc, they will not show up on any clan listings, and are automatically deleted if none of its members log in for 48 hours (configurable). Their purpose is to give your members quick and easy teaming up abilities without polluting your server with dozens of abandoned one-off clans.

Once a moderator can verify that the clan is legit, they can upgrade it to verified status. At this point the clan and its members will then be able to enjoy the full feature set of the system. Verified clans have an inactivity timer of 7 days.

Clan Tags

When a clan is created, you must give it a name and a tag. The tag will be used as the unique identifier for you clan, will be used in the clan commands, and will pretty much represent your clan. This tag can have color codes which can be later modified. For example, If i wanted to create a clan named "Knights of the Labyrinth" with a red and white tag named "kol", I would use the following create command:

/clan create &4K&Fo&4l Knights of the Labyrinth  

Later on if I wanted to modify this tag, for example I wanted to make it all red instead of red and white and all uppercase I would use the modtag command. Note: with the modtag command you can only change colors and case, but not the letters that make up the tag

/clan modtag &4KOL  

The colored tag will prefix all clan player's names on chat.

Clan Capes and Titles

You will be able to see capes and in-game titles with the clan tag on all clan players. You can configure the in-game titles can be fully configured, colored vs black and white and the barackets and or separator. Note: Clan tags go away when the player is sneaking. All players inside a clan start with a default cape (configurable), verified clan leaders will be able to choose a unique cape for their clan using the /clan cape command. Individual players can toggle on/off their capes with /clan cape toggle

Inviting Members

Creators of clans will become the first clan leader. They can invite other members into the clan with /clan invite. These members are first added with the untrusted status. These members will not be able to view clan vitals, coords, or stats. This is to prevent players form joining clans just to spy on other clans by writing down coordinates of bases or viewing vitals during battles. Once a player has gained the clan's trust he can be upgraded to trusted status with /clan trust.

You can have multiple leaders on a clan. You can promote other leaders using the /clan promote command. To promote a leader all other leaders must be online and must accept the vote. A leader cannot be promoted unilaterally without the consent of all other leaders. Demotion using the /clan demote command works the same way.

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