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Donate to Legion of Dreams!

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Why should I donate?

All money goes to server operating costs, maintenance, and infrastructure upgrades. Any donations will be immensely appreciated and help keep this community alive! Other RPG servers may charge $200 before offering you REAL benefits, so what you get here is definitely worth it!

If you don't have a debit/credit to use on PayPal, you can always visit your local pharmacy or convenience store for a prepaid debit card. Check to make sure it doesn't come with any hidden fees.

See the Terms & Conditions at the bottom of this page for special information about donor items.
Donor Ranks - Click on the items below to display the benefits:

Iron-Donor - Donate $15

You get a silver name to show off to your friends.
A custom title* after your name in game chat.
Access to the private creative world Canadia.
/kit use Firework to redeem a special selection of fireworks every 12 hours:

Enderchest Bank expanded to 18 slots from the normal 9.
Exclusive pets accessible with /pet, which you can also personalize with names and even wear as hats:

  • Bat, Cow, Chicken, Rabbit, Sheep.

Access to the Legion of Dreams Donor Store, accessible from LeTroll City Bank. This sells the following Premium Items:

  • Chiseled Stone Brick: 10 Septims
  • Sponge: 2,000 Septims
  • Chainmail Helmet: 5,000 Septims
  • Chainmail Chest: 8,000 Septims
  • Chainmail Leggings: 7,000 Septims
  • Chainmail Boots: 4,000 Septims
  • Web: 50 Septims
  • Ice: 7 Septims
  • Nether Star: 15,000 Septims
  • Beacon: 15078 Septims
  • Golden Apple: 3,605 Septims
  • Saddle: 150 Septims
  • Fire charge 3x: 50 Septims

5,000 Septims in-game currency.

Quartz-Donor - Donate $30

Everything listed above in addition to...
/kit ITools command to get a set of the following every 48 hours:

An exclusive personal vault in LeTroll City, with easy-to-access portal from spawn.
Enderchest Bank expanded to 27 slots.
Access to even more pets:

  • Horse, Pig, Villager, Mooshroom, Mule, Squid.

Another 5,000 Septims in-game currency (10,000 total)!

Gold-Donor - Donate $60

Everything listed above in addition to...
A golden name to show your prestige.
/kit GoldDonor to claim one Soul Cleaver**:

Annoy your friends with /troll slap.
Enderchest Bank expanded to 36 slots.
Access to even more pets:

  • Snowman, Ocelot, Wolf, Llama, Iron Golem, Parrot.

The ability to disguise yourself as the following creatures with /d:

  • Bat, Cow, Chicken, Rabbit, Sheep, Horse, Pig, Villager, Mooshroom, Mule, Squid, Snowman, Ocelot, Wolf, Llama, Iron Golem, Parrot.

Another 5,000 Septims in-game currency (15,000 total).

Diamond-Donor - Donate $90

Everything listed for the previous ranks, in addition to...
A cyan name to show how generous you are.
/fly to fly creative-mode style, making it easier to build!
/kit use DTools command to get a set of diamond tools every 48 hours, as an upgrade from /kit itools***:

/kit use DiamondDonor to claim one set of Champion Armour**:

Enderchest Bank expanded to 45 slots.
The ability to ride all available pets.
Access to aggressive mobs as pets and disguises:

  • Creeper, Enderman, Skeleton, Spider, Zombie, Witch, Polar Bear, Slime, Silverfish, Cave Spider.

Another 5,000 Septims in-game currency (20,000 total).

Emerald-Donor - Donate $180

Everything listed for the previous ranks, in addition to...
A green name to show that you're part of the server's elite.
Enderchest Bank expanded to 54 slots.
Personal bank vault upgraded in size and includes premium amenities (crafting, enchanting, brewing, enderchest, repair).
/kit use EmeraldDonor to claim one Apollo's Bow**, and Champion armour set upgraded to Zarosian Armour***:

Access to rare mobs as pets and disguises:

Blaze, Zombie Pigman, Magmacube, Vex, Illusioner, Evoker, Vindicator, Stray, Husk, Guardian, Endermite.

Another 10,000 Septims in-game currency (30,000 total).

Star-Donor: Donate $300

/kit use StarDonor to get the three most powerful tools in existence**, as an upgrade from /kit DTools***:

Access to rare mobs and bosses as pets and disguises:

  • Wither, Giant, Ghast, Elder Guardian, Zombie Horse, Skeletal Horse, Wither Skeleton, Shulker, Armour Stand.

One more disguise... Ender Dragon!!
Another 15,000 Septims in-game currency (45,000 total).


Donor perks, including monetary rewards, are subject to change at any time.
Donations are not refundable.
All Donors are subject to our server rules like any other member.
If a new reward comes out for your donor tier, you will get it automatically!
You can upgrade though the ranks too, including most benefits from lower tiers****.

  • For example: You first donate $15 for Iron-Donor.
  • Later, if you decide to donate another $15.
  • you'll be upgraded to Quartz-Donor, and so on.

Donor items (Including Premium Items obtained from the Donor store) may not be sold, traded, or given away. These items are a way of showing our thanks for donating and are not meant to be a traded commodity. If you are caught breaking this rule, you will be demoted to member for a week. If you are caught doing it after that you will be demoted to member rank permanently, with no refund.

*Title cannot contain any profanity or offensive words, at the discretion of the staff. Title can be changed anytime on request to staff.
**Only one item or set is provided. Donor items that are almost used up may be traded for a replacement anytime free of charge. You must have the item to get a replacement; those that are lost, stolen, or traded, will not be reimbursed.
***Upgrades imply replacement of lower-tier privileges with higher-tier ones. Donors cannot have both. Zarosian Armour replaces Champion Armour, The trio of godly tools replace the diamond tool kit, which in turn replaces the iron tool kit.

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