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Herbalism provides a series of benefits tied to food items in the minecraft universe, including improved healing from some food, extra effects on seeds, and improved harvesting on every kind of plant, including mushrooms.

Active Abilities

Green Terra

Right-clicking while holding a hoe activates Green Terra. Effects while activated:
Chance to get 3x drops from harvesting plants. 100% chance to convert the following blocks as long as you have seeds in your inventory by left-clicking the blocks:

  • Cobblestone into Mossy Cobblestone
  • Stone Brick into Mossy Stone Brick
  • Dirt into Grass
Green Thumb

An active ability that turns blocks into their plant-related counterparts. Green Thumb is triggered by right-clicking the blocks listed below while holding seeds, however it has a low trigger chance unlike Green Terra, and the seeds will be consumed even if it fails. When successful, using Seeds on Cobblestone turns it into Mossy Cobblestone Smooth Stone Brick turns it into Mossy Stone Brick Dirt turns it into Grass Block

Shroom Thumb

An active ability that turns dirt & grass into mycelium. Green Thumb is triggered by right-clicking the blocks listed below while holding red or brown mushrooms, the mushrooms will be consumed even if the ability fails.

Passive Abilities

Instant Wheat-Regrowth

When harvesting fully-grown wheat, there is a chance for the player to instantly re-plant the wheat.The growth stage of the planted wheat is based on Herbalism level. This skill does not require seeds to trigger, nor will it consume the seeds in inventory.

Herbalism Level Wheat Stage Chance
0-199 0 0%-13.2%
200-399 I 13.2%-26.6%
400-500 II 26.6%-40%


Farmer's Diet

Your past experience with growth hormones has taught you how to get the most out of your food. This passive skill increases the amount of hunger herbalism foods restore as your Herbalism level increases.

Herbalism Level Rank Bonus Hunger Restoration
0-199 0 0
200-399 I 0.5
400-500 II 1


Hylian Luck

Hylian Luck gives players a passive chance to find treasures. You have a 1% chance at level 100 for this drop to occur every time this block is broken, The chance goes up by 1% every 100 levels, so at level 1000% you'd have a 10% chance for the drop to occur. Drops are rewarded when breaking:

  • Grass
  • Saplings
  • Dead Bushes
  • Flowers
  • Flower Pots
  • Grass/Saplings/Dead Bushes drop Melon Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, or Cocoa.
  • Flowers drop potatoes, carrots, or apples.
  • Flower pots break Emeralds, Diamonds, or Gold Nuggets.

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