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Legion of Dreams Server Rules (As of 02/10/2018)


These are our rules in their most basic form:

  • No Immature Behaviour.
  • No Griefing or Stealing.
  • No Cheating.
  • Protect Original Work.

New players begin as Guests, and can explore wherever they like, but cannot make any changes. Becoming a member is easy; speak with an available staff member in-game or on our Discord Server, and ask any questions you have on the rules or our gameplay. Once a staff member sees that you’ve agreed to our rules, you may be granted membership.

The rules are subject to change at any time with or without notice. Read the rules below, since you are responsible for your actions as a member. We count on these rules to maintain a safe and secure environment for our members.

No Immature Behaviour

We are looking for mature, community-minded young adults and adults who want a solid role-playing game experience. We welcome younger players on the server if they meet our basic standards for in-game behaviour and conduct. Immaturity and rule-breaking will not be tolerated, regardless of anyone's age. Do not share your Minecraft account with anyone else. You are responsible for any rule breaking done on your account.


We define chat spam as various actions on the Minecraft server or on Discord, including but not limited to:

  • Pasting links or text repeatedly.
  • Any actions that result in messages being repeatedly posted to chat, such as Death message spamming or repeated login/logouts.
  • Keyboard mashing.

Chat spamming will result in mute, kick, or ban depending on the severity. Do not post any web links without first asking a moderator.


We would prefer that you do not advertise any other servers. Please do not ask for help or advice on running your own server. We have no interest in helping competing game servers. Abusive language directed at the server, its staff, or its players will get you banned. You can swear, but do it in moderation. If someone tells you to stop, respect them and stop. Use your best judgement and respect our other players.
Also, being immature doesn't include only the examples above. Use common sense and good judgement. When a staff member tells you to stop doing something, you must comply or you will be punished accordingly.

No Griefing or Stealing

Griefing counts as block or entity placement/breaking in an area claimed by another player, whether or not a protective region has been applied. Do not kill any animals or villagers that belong to someone else. Do not take anything from other players' chests, even if they're unlocked. In short, if someone built it or it belongs to them, do not touch it unless you have their permission. If you ever have any doubts whether you can build somewhere or kill something, ask a staff member. We respect players who ask.

If you break something by accident, let staff or the person it belongs to know about it. If staff or the player it belongs to are not online, you can reach us easily on social media or the Discord server. There are plenty of ways to reach us. Please note that Donor-related items and commands come with their own​ ​terms & conditions​.

PvP Zones

Griefing is completely allowed within the confines of PvP zones. These are marked on the dynamic map ​with red boxes, and you are warned with an in-game message upon entering and leaving PvP zones.


Players who are inactive for three months without notifying staff of extended leave are subject to have their account data, builds, and items removed. This also applies to banned players. When an Admin determines that a player has been inactive long enough, they will inspect their belongings and then open their chests and builds to redistribution. These will be Admin-supervised events, and are conducted by Admins at their discretion as a gift to the community. If you believe a player has been inactive a while, you are welcome to ask staff to check their status. Constantly asking for inactive players is not preferred. Griefing any builds not part of an authorized event will result in immediate ban.

No Cheating

Using X-ray textures or mods, waterwalking, flying, speedhacks, smart movement, or any other mods that alter game physics or provide an unfair advantage are not allowed. If a bug is discovered in-game, report it to staff by posting it on Discord under Bug Reports. Abusing bugs will result in an immediate ban. Do not use multiple accounts to gain an unfair advantage with: levels, money, teleportation, etc. No exceptions! PvP is allowed only in designated PvP zones. The server will announce when you enter a PVP zone. If you bypass this restriction by fighting with fishing rods, TNT, lava, dropping anvils, etc... or luring unsuspecting players into a PvP zone, you will be banned.

Denial-of-Service and other Internet and Network attacks WILL be resisted and reported to your ISP. You have been warned.

About Auto-Farms

Because our server strongly relies on our economy for gameplay, we restrict the use of autofarms for balancing reasons. Any kind of mechanism or machine that do the following are not allowed, including but not limited to:

  • killing enemies for drops OR XP.
  • creating cobblestone OR obsidian from lava.
  • collecting eggs OR food automatically or any other such function.

If you have water between rows of crops, make sure that it is either still water, or covered in some manner, whether it's half slabs, glass, etc. If crops can fall through into the water to be collected at the end of the row, it's an auto farm. Simply put, any device or mechanism that makes collection of anything easier than manually collecting it is not allowed. These will result in a ban. If you aren't sure about your farm, just ask a staff anytime. Again, we welcome players who ask.

Other examples include:

  • The redstone glitch being used to make obsidian, water and lava cobble generators.
  • Egg farms where the chickens float on water and the eggs drop down for easy collection.
  • ANY kind of mob or XP grinder where the mobs cannot attack you in return.
  • Any farming device using running water or pistons to harvest or collect crops to a central point for easy collection.

Protect Original Work

We wish to respect all designers for their original work. We ask that you do not copy or replicate designs (without reasonable modification) made by outside players if the author doesn’t want you to. Many authors allow redistribution of their work with or without attribution. If the author demands credit for his work, be nice and indicate so on a sign somewhere visible on the build. The Server aims to protect the intellectual property of all players, and to host only original and properly-credited work. All server data are the property of the Legion of Dreams Server. Builders have full rights to create/edit/remove their own creations at their discretion, but the Server will not export schematics/saves of said builds to the Internet. If the Server wishes to publish schematics/saves, it must obtain the author's permission. We appreciate any streamers or content creators who wish to showcase the Server. Our staff are happy to help with recording efforts. We ask that any videos published with footage of our Server contain link(s) to our YouTube channel and/or website.

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