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The Swords abilities allow you to add bleed effects to your attacks and counter the enemies hits.

Active skills

Serrated Strikes

Activated by right-clicking while holding a sword then slashing a mob or player. Deals +25% damage and apply Bleed+ to enemies within a small radius of your target. Bleed+ will last 5 ticks regardless of level. With Serrated Strikes active, any person hit by the AoE Bleed will bleed for 150% the normal duration, 9 ticks or 4 and 1/2 hearts. Number of enemies you can apply Bleed+ to will depend on the Sword material.

Passive skills


Causes enemies to take damage every two seconds. If you apply bleed to a mob, it will bleed until the effect wears off or death, whichever comes first. The duration of the bleed is increased by your sword skill. At level 500, Bleed will last for 5 ticks damaging 1/2 heart per second, for a total of 2.5 hearts. The chance to apply bleed is 0.1% for every skill level in Swords, with a max cap of 50% at level 500. Bleed normally lasts for two seconds, but they can have their duration increased if another Bleed effect is applied. (i.e. if the player has Bleed with 3 ticks remaining and another 3-ticks Bleed was applied, Bleed will last for 6 ticks in total). Bleed doesn't ignore armour and is affected by the protection enchantments of armour. Meaning if your foe is using protection IV armour the bleed will do no real addition damage to him.

Bleed Type Ticks Total Damage
Minor Bleed 1
Major Bleed 3
Bleed+ 4


Counter Attack

A counter attack takes the damage done to you, and returns half to the attacking person or mob. It will not work if you have half a heart remaining. The chance to perform a counter attack depends on your Swords level, and increases by 0.05 per level. Counter attack will not work on projectiles (Ranged Weaponary, Arrows, Ghast's Fireballs etc.). The Max Counter Attack Percentage is 30%, and they ignore other players' armour.


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