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Unarmed is a skill where the player uses their fists to defend themselves. Like all Combat Skills, the Unarmed skill does not gain experience from attacking friendly or spawner mobs. At high levels, your arm could do more damage than a diamond sword in some situations.

Active Skills


Increases unarmed damage by 50%. Higher levels do not increase this bonus, but increases its duration by 1 second every 50 levels. Its base duration is of 2 seconds. To activate this skill, right-click with the mouse while unarmed. While active weak blocks like dirt can be broken with the fist and stone bricks are cracked. During berserk items can't be picked up.

Passive Skills

Iron Arm Style

Increases unarmed damage every 50 levels by 1. You start out with +3 damage upgrade at level 0. The maximum damage you can do with this skill is 8 (at level 250).
This can be very useful for PvP if you don't want to risk losing any items, it can also become stronger than a diamond sword at high levels (However, unlike the sword, you cannot benefit of the enchantments Fire Aspect and Knockback.)

  • +4 damage with level 50 unarmed
  • +5 damage with level 100 unarmed
  • +6 damage with level 150 unarmed
  • +7 damage with level 200 unarmed
  • +8 damage with level 250 unarmed
  • Maximum damage you can do in sum is  (this might be a glitch though, as it does 1 more damage than it says it should)
  • With a Minecraft Critical that would be  (A minecraft critical calculates damage before increasing the damage. Meaning you only get 1 extra damage when doing a jump critical even though some may think you get higher)
Arrow Deflect

Causes arrows that strike the player to harmlessly fall to the floor. Arrow Deflect chance increases with 0.05% per level and caps at 25% at level 500.


Allows players to disarm other players, dropping the target's equipped item on the ground. The chance to disarm is 0.03333% times a player's current skill level in Unarmed and can go up to a maximum of 16.66% at level 500.

Iron Grip

Allows you to perform a counter chance against an opponent's disarm to make his disarm unsuccessful. This chance increases by .1% every level.

Strength Potion Proficiency:

Strength II potions normally add only 6 damage on any physical weapon. However, when unarmed, the amount of damage the strength potion gives is doubled. This means Strength II potions give 12 additional damage when using your fists.

Damage per hit when using fists with your Iron Arm Style maxed out:

The fist says it does only 9 damage (  ) when checking with the /unarmed command. However, when your Iron Arm Style is maxed out, it inflicts 10 points of damage (  ) naturally.

Damage per hit when using fists with Iron Arm Style maxed out and Berserk:

Damage per hit with a Strength II potion and Iron Arm Style maxed out:

Damage per hit when using fists with maxed Iron Arm Style, Berserk, and a Strength II potion:

An Invisibility Potion paired with the unarmed fighting is excellent for PvP, as it is less likely to give you away than a sword or an axe.

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