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Woodcutting is, well, the simple act of cutting wood from trees.

Active Abilities

Tree Feller

Activated by readying an axe (right-clicking while holding one) and chopping the bottom block of wood of a small tree. The tree will then drop all of its wood. Duration: Tree Feller has a default time of 2 seconds, and increases one second every 50 levels.
To use it, right click while wielding an axe (**YOU READY YOUR AXE**) → Break Bottom Log of Tree It has a default cooldown of 5 minutes. In the config.yml file you can alter both the Durability Loss Rate (defaults to 2, as in 200% of the usual rate) and the cooldown duration. If your axe breaks during an active Tree Feller, the player will suffer damage (YOUR AXE SPLINTERS INTO DOZENS OF PIECES), and only the block that Tree Feller was used on will be broken. Note: This does not destroy an entire large oak tree.

Passive Abilities


Available from Level 100. Allows the player to destroy leaf blocks with one click while wielding an axe. The destroyed leaf block drops a sapling 10% of the time. It has no cooldown or configuration. Note that this skill will lower an axe's durability very quickly.

Double Drop

→ = + (×Chance%) Gives you the chance to get double drops while chopping wood. Note that this only works on naturally born trees (including those you grew from saplings). Does not work on wood blocks placed from inventory, wooden planks, leaves, and every other block. By default Woodcutting's Double Drop only works while wielding an Axe, but you can alter that in the configuration.
The chance of Double Drop increases by 0.1% every level, starting at 0.1% at Woodcutting level 1, resulting in 50% chance at Woodcutting level 500.

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